BakeSmart has 6 different product types that allow you to create specific types of products available at your bakery.

The six product types are:

  • Standard
  • Combo
  • Custom
  • Custom Tiered
  • Gift Card / Non-Sale
  • Rental

Standard Products - This is the default product type in BakeSmart.  Standard products are products that aren't highly customizable and are sold with or without options.

Combo Products - Combo products are created from a limited menu of items that can be combined and sold at one price.  A good example of a Combo product would be a Soup and Salad product or a Sandwich combo where the customer can get a sandwich, a side and a drink for a certain price.

Custom Products - This is typically the cake product where customers are choosing the size, shape, flavor, filling, icing, and decoration of the product.

Custom Tiered Products - A custom product that has multiple tiers.

Gift Card / Non-Sale Products - Typically used for Gift Cards products.

Rental - Rental Products are items that are rented from the bakery and are expected to be returned at a specific date.